Study in Turkey

Skillers Institute study visa for Turkey from Pakistan. Get education in well-known universities of Turkey.

Turkey is one of the most popular destinations among students studying abroad. The ideal mix of both western and eastern cultures attracts students all across the world to study in Turkey. Turkish culture is known for its generous spirit and marvellous hospitality making it easier for international students to adjust there. There is far more to Turkey than its education system and culture. It is a big country on the edge of Europe and Asia where you can explore ancient civilizations and huge metropolises simultaneously. Turkey’s well-developed tourism provides tourists with every opportunity to explore and have fun from climbing high mountains or swimming in the warm seas.


The academic reputation of Turkey is growing day by day with top-class universities offering competitive education. There are more than 400 English-taught master’s and bachelor’s courses students can apply for in universities in Turkey. This gives students the chance to explore their area of interest and choose the discipline that fits their educational background. Here are some of the most attractive universities in Turkey:

  1. Koc University 
  2. Izmir University of Economics 
  3. Yasar University
  4. Sabanci University
  5. Istanbul Okan University
  6. Bilkent University 
  7. Bahcesehir University 
  8. Yeditepe University 
  9. Istanbul Sehir University 
  10. Ozyegin University 
  11. TED University